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Raising children is amazing and hard work.  You are not in this alone.  Learn about choosing child care, registering for kindergarten, the value of early education and what PBS has to offer.

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Libraries & Literacy

Come Read Together

Make reading fun by sharing stories with your children and listening to their ideas about what you read. Explore resources like your local library and learn about some fun reading games and activities.

Read Together

Health & Assistance

Finding Support Together

You don’t have to do this alone. There are lots of community resources to help you on your path to kindergarten. Explore health, financial, and intervention programs here.

Find Support

Are You Playing?

Playing together with your child is fun for your family and great for your child’s brain.  Play doesn’t require you to buy a lot of toys or supplies.  Take advantage of moments you have with your child every day.

Explore resources like free weekly activities paired with PBS shows and learn about some interactive activities you can do together.

For more information about other education initiatives, visit

Learn and Discover Activities
Video Activities

PBS Kids

For programming that not only engages and educates your child, but encourages your family to play and learn together, PBS Kids is really your best source.

Ready, Set, Go... Kindergarten

Come celebrate the exciting journey to kindergarten. We know that this wonderful journey brings with it many questions and a whole host of emotions. This event helps your whole family learn more, enjoy a great day together, and make connections. WITF and our community friends are committed to helping you be ready!

Ready, Set, Explore

Located throughout our region, these Saturday morning events allow children, aged 3-8, to engage with their families around meaningful, interesting content in fun, age-appropriate ways. They can also play with their favorite PBS characters such as Curious George and Daniel Tiger!