Looking for some creative ways to get your child ready to read? Try this!

Take your child with you to the grocery store and have her match a coupon to the item on the shelf you are buying.

Look for the first letter of your child's first name on billboards or store signs and point the letter out. "I see your letter!"

Make a book of environmental print that your child can "read" by saving the front of cereal boxes, labels, tags or logos that your child can recognize. Glue them to sheets of paper and staple the paper together. Listen to your child "read" his book to you.

Include real items in your child's play like grocery ads, empty food boxes, and menus.

Point out things like Stop Signs that your child can read while you drive, ride a bus or walk.

You might hear the phrase “environmental print” when talking to your child’s teacher about print that regularly occurs in your child’s environment, like the brand name on cereal boxes or the logo on a store you commonly visit.

Recognizing this familiar print can make your child feel more confident in his or her ability to “read”.