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Come Play Together

Learn about activities you can do and events you can attend with your child that enhance learning and fun. Also discover how you can turn ordinary moments into thoughtful learning.

Play Together

Libraries & Literacy

Come Read Together

Make reading fun by sharing stories with your children and listening to their ideas about what you read. Explore resources like your local library and learn about some fun reading games and activities.

Read Together

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Raising children is amazing and hard work.  You are not in this alone.  Learn about choosing child care, registering for kindergarten, the value of early education and what PBS has to offer.

Find Your Path

Need a Helping Hand?

You don’t have to do this alone.  There are lots of community resources to help you and your child on their path to kindergarten.

While parents are children’s first teachers, they often need support from a wide variety of community organizations, early childhood education programs, faith-based programs, and medical providers. We know that children who have access to quality early learning opportunities are better prepared to enter kindergarten and are more successful in school and life...
...Community partners and organizations provide additional support and resources to the families and children to promote development and meet needs. They can include assistance with basic necessities, addressing developmental delays or behavior issues, providing training for parents, and opportunities for families to learn and play together.

By working together to support families, early childhood education programs and community organizations ensure the success of the next generation.
- Christy S. Renjilian
Executive Director
Child Care Consultants, Inc.
Early Learning Resource Center Region 9 and 10

Explore health, early intervention programs and financial assistance here.


It can be a real struggle trying to take care of ourselves and our families. Sometimes, we aren’t even sure what questions to ask. Fortunately, these programs and resources are here to help.

Early Intervention

We all want what’s best for our children even though it can be overwhelming and stressful. Whether it’s just getting extra help so that our kids are ready to enter kindergarten or whether we discover that our child is experiencing a developmental delay or disability, there are many programs and services ready to help.

Financial Assistance

There are many programs and services in our area ready to help you and your family–from assistance with health care, food and housing to child care and employment. Let’s work on this together!