Find out why we love this book.

While Miss Bindergarten is working hard getting her classroom ready for her first day, her 26 new students are getting ready for their first day of Kindergarten. Each student’s name corresponds with the letters of the alphabet. From when Adam Krupp wakes up to when Zach Blair finds a chair in Miss Bindergarten’s classroom, your child will experience the start of Kindergarten from the perspective of each new student.

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Length: 40 pages

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Why do we love this book?

This book cleverly uses the alphabet and rhyming to describe a typical first day of Kindergarten. The brightly illustrated pictures and animal characters also make the story very engaging for children to listen and follow. Because the story reinforces the letters in the alphabet by corresponding a letter to each student’s name, children are introduced to Kindergarten curriculum concepts. Children also discover the importance of learning their classmate’s names as well as sharing (and eventually writing) their own name with their class.