Find out why we love this book.

Wemberly, a shy white mouse, worries about everything from big things to little things. When she is about to start her first day of school, she is even more worried. Fortunately, Wemberly meets a new friend on that first day, who also worries. Soon, Wemberly realizes that school is too much fun to waste time worrying.

Age Range: 4 – 8 years

Length: 32 pages

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Why do we love this book?

Wemberly is an endearing mouse that children can relate to, especially children who are highly sensitive and anxious about the world around them. For children who worry a lot, going to school is even a bigger deal. This story is a great way to reassure children that this new experience will turn out to be ok and like Wemberly, they will discover that it’s not just ok, it’s a lot of fun!